Marcus Weather Inc.

Weather working with you!

World leaders in the quantification of short, medium and long range weather on global crop yield and energy demand.

Hedge funds and food manufacturers gain a competitive edge by having greater visibility and objectivity of future weather and its impacts towards the goal of crystallizing effective and profitable trading and hedging strategies.

We correctly identify and quantify weather risk to connect the dots between weather and key decision-making processes, such as trading/hedging opportunities.

Marcus Weather Inc also specializes in mapping/satellite imagery and data delivery services, including our global mapping application – Marcus Weather Mapping (MWM), our user control global weather alerts system – Weather Alarm (MWWA), and data management platform – Weather Data AI (MWDAI)

Consultation Services

Agriculture and Energy

Global weather risk and supply side coverage for (but not limited to) corn, wheat, soybean, sunflower, canola/rapeseed, peanut, palm oil, coconut, cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton and energy (natural gas, heating oil, gas oil).

Daily alerts dashboard showing outlier weather conditions driven by our unique set of weather risk based rules

Daily fundamental market signal changes and interpretive crop impact analysis, driven by proprietary objective yield models

Daily weather graphs and day to day forecast changes covering all commodities and all key growing areas
Weekly executive fundamental outlook summaries, including short and medium term balance sheet driven signal changes

Monthly updated production and supply/demand balances with extended outlooks
Semi-annual updated seasonal outlooks, including expected timing and magnitude of weather generated market volatility

One on one web meetings and phone consultation scheduled at client request

Global Weather Mapping

Marcus Weather global mapping application – Marcus Weather Mapping (MWM) – is a weather and satellite imagery platform designed for the commodities industry, that offers some unique features that no other current weather mapping system provides.

Available for free to all MW consultation clients and on a subscription basis to non-MW clients MWM allows the visualization of all MW weather data streams (from our network of 27k weather stations worldwide) and satellite imagery. Please use the contact form to set up a free trial of the application. Below we highlight some features of the application and provide an instructional video of the application, for first time users.

  • Weather forecast and observational information updated @ 3.50am (US Eastern) out through forest day 35
  • Non-static mapping – the ability to pan and zoom (to expose the highest level of station detail) and the display preset areas OR build your own custom regions
  • Mapping variables include total precipitation, % normal precipitation, precipitation climatology, average/maximum/minimum temperature/temperature departures, GDDs, HDDs and CDDs (and departures) + others
  • Custom or pre-selected calendar dates (such as 5/10/15/30 days forward or 90/60/30 days back) up to a 180-day window with historical data selection – currently available to 1980
  • AUTOMAPPING – the ability to create/select/modify maps to be delivered daily via email as soon as new data becomes available
  • The Yearly Comparison Tool, the ability to compare a weather variable for a user selected time-period, against the same time period from a selected year – showing the difference between years
  • The Forecast Comparison Tool, the ability to compare forecast data from a previous forecast, to the current forecast, showing how the forecast has changed
  • Satellite Imagery, Including: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Vegetation Health Index (VHI), Thermal Condition Index (TCI) and Moisture Condition Index (VCI).
  • Global Surface Soil Moisture, Root Zone Soil Moisture, Surface Soil Temperature, 10cm Subsurface Soil Temperature, 20cm Subsurface Soil Temperature, High Resolution Total Precipitation
  • Satellite Imagery Comparison Tool (SICT) – Compare any satellite image to another from a different time period, assessing change between the two satellite images.
  • Twitter, keeping users up to date of changes, improvements, bugs and other announcements – the twitter feedback be found here: MWM Twitter
  • Personalized technical support – you have direct contact with the lead developer Dr. Fergus Keatinge –

Weather Alarm

Weather Alarm is an easy-to-use, interactive global weather application, allowing users to create and be alerted to predefined weather conditions, for user specified locations (points) or areas (polygons) across the globe, for a user selected time period.

Marcus Weather Inc. is pleased to bring you a new, ultra low cost weather analytics tool, to add to your arsenal in the offset of global weather risk: Weather Alarm

Weather Alarm is a highly useful tool for ANYONE working in commodities (agriculture, energy), insurance or any financial application that contains a weather risk component. Weather Alarm costs only $9.99 per month (pocket change!) and comes with a free 5 day free trial.

Check out for more details, or reach out via our contact page

Weather Data AI

President and CEO:

Kevin Marcus

Kevin Marcus’ professional career as a commodity weather consultant spans 40 years. He followed his childhood passion for weather and agriculture to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology from Penn State University in 1980 with a minor in horticulture and then a Master’s Degree in Agronomy from the University of Maryland.

In 1980 He joined Earth Satellite Corporation (now MAXAR) and spent the first 20 years of his professional career with the commercial services group known as Cropcast. As Director of Marketing and Product Development, he was responsible for developing new crop models and expanding the Cropcast coverage to include the full range of grains, oilseeds and tropical crops.

Kevin is the President and CEO of Marcus Weather Inc., working out of Marcus Weather corporate office, located in Passaic, New Jersey.

Manager – Data Science and Mapping:

Fergus J. Keatinge Ph.D.

Fergus Keatinge, originally from York, U.K., now honorary Florida Native, holds a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Florida, specializing in statistical forecasting, resource economics and weather risk. Fergus has held numerous positions within the weather/ag field including research with CYMMT – the International Wheat and Maize Foundation and university teaching positions, lecturing in forecasting and extreme weather.

Fergus currently holds the position of Manager of Data Science and Mapping at Marcus Weather, managing commodity forecasting, data integrity, applied weather risk and WX product development, including the full stack development of MWM, MWWA and MWDAI. Fergus Works at the Stuart, Florida office of Marcus Weather.

Senior Weather and Commodity Analyst:

Jade Chi-Mei Liu M.Sc. B.Sc.

Jade Liu is from Taipei, Taiwan, and she spent most of her childhood in the Philippines. She earned a bachelor’s degree of Meteorology from the Penn State University in 2017 and a master’s degree in Integrated Scientific Applications with specialization in Weather Intelligence and Risk Management from Millersville University in 2020. Jade currently manages day-to-day running of our crop modeling systems, daily report writing and data analysis projects. Jade works remotely from Taipei, Taiwan.

Kevin joined the Earthsat, Cropcast group in 1980 where he developed the early crop weather based yield forecast models for field crops, such as corn, wheat and soybeans and then introduced crop weather risk services for cocoa, coffee and sugar. A new opportunity arose in the energy markets in the late 1980s when deregulation led to the arrival of natural gas and electricity trading desks. With the support of Earthsat, Kevin was able develop the first services for this emerging industry, which by the late 1990s also included services for the weather derivatives industry.

In Kevins marketing role for EarthSat/Cropcast, he led the building of a multi-million dollar commodity weather subscription services. Kevin formed Marcus Weather Inc. services in 2001 exclusively for commodity hedge funds and food processors seeking an edge in trading and hedging.

At its core, the service leverages a privately developed multi-million dollar weather data base designed for exclusively for commodity weather analysis. Correlated datasets are used to objectively quantify, interpret and identify outliers in global crop yield and energy demand. Clients have come to rely on Marcus Weather Services to anticipate the changes and new weather narratives to gain a competitive trading edge.


“Marcus Weather service is in a word “superlative”. Their insight is intelligent and timely especially for trading commodities.”
Jeff Goldstein – Black River Asset Management

” Marcus Weather uniquely and quantitatively combines past weather, forecast weather, and (importantly) a deep knowledge of plant agronomics in developing their forecasts for crop yields. Their models link weather to yield in a way that is both differentiating and easy to follow.”
Ag Trader with over 25 years of trading experience. Client of Marcus Weather for the past 11 years

“Your service continues to earn its spot in our research services.”
Paul Hughes, Commodity Research Director – Nestle. Client for Marcus weather for the past 13 years.


Marcus Weather provides services to a select group of commodity hedge funds and food processors.
Examples of current and former clients:
Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Perdue Farms, Ridgefield Capital, Black River Asset Management, Haar Capital and many more…