Global Commodity Alert SMS Messaging – Grains and Oilseed Commodities

$9.99 / month

This daily service sends you an SMS text message, containing Marcus Weather Commodity Alerts for Grain and Oilseed Commodities world wide.

What are Marcus Weather Commodity Alerts?

Weather data can be filtered through agronomic based rules. These rules use specific thresholds (IF, THEN statements), to create the weather risk ‘dashboard’

Rules filter weather data to identify ‘outlier’ problem spots at a glance Indicate if intensifying, unchanged or improving; ‘Watch’ or ‘Warning’ (regarding yield threats)

This ‘Watch’ or ‘Warning’ indication is sent to you via SMS text message, as soon as new data becomes available, on a daily basis. This subscription information product allows you to identify commodities that are undergoing a threat to yield.

This version of the text message product sends you messages for globally traded agricultural commodities – Grain and Oilseed Commodities ONLY

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By purchasing this product, you agree to receive automated text based information, reply STOP to opt out of this service. Please note, cancellations via STOP replies are not automatic.