Agricultural and Energy Services Summary  

  • Global coverage for corn, wheat, soybean, sunflower, canola/rapeseed, peanut, palm oil, coconut, cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton and energy (natural gas, heating oil, gas oil).
  • Daily alerts dashboard showing outlier weather conditions driven by our unique set of weather risk based rules
  • Daily fundamental market signal changes and interpretive crop impact analysis, driven by proprietary objective yield models
  • Daily weather graphs and day to day forecast changes covering all commodities and all key growing areas
  • Weekly executive fundamental outlook summaries, including short and medium term balance sheet driven signal changes
  • Monthly updated production and supply/demand balances with extended outlooks
  • Semi-annual updated seasonal outlooks, including expected timing and magnitude of weather generated market volatility
  • One on one web meetings and phone consultation scheduled at client request

Weather Mapping Tool

  • Client based tool allowing for the user to create custom global maps, select weather/commodity based variables, user defined date ranges and locations and many other features.
  • Current variables include: Total precipitation, % normal precipitation, climatology precipitation, Average temperature, highest and lowest temperatures, highest maximum and lowest minimum, average/maximum/minimum temperature departures, average/maximum/minimum climatology.
  • Future variables coming include: soil moisture, NDVI, VHI, VHI Change, GDDs, HDDs, CDDs.