Agricultural and Energy Services Summary  

  • Global coverage for corn, wheat, soybean, sunflower, canola/rapeseed, peanut, palm oil, coconut, cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton and energy (natural gas, heating oil, gas oil).

  • Daily alerts dashboard showing outlier weather conditions driven by our unique set of weather risk based rules

  • Daily fundamental market signal changes and interpretive crop impact analysis, driven by proprietary objective yield models

  • Daily weather graphs and day to day forecast changes covering all commodities and all key growing areas

  • Weekly executive fundamental outlook summaries, including short and medium term balance sheet driven signal changes

  • Monthly updated production and supply/demand balances with extended outlooks

  • Semi-annual updated seasonal outlooks, including expected timing and magnitude of weather generated market volatility

  • One on one web meetings and phone consultation scheduled at client request

Weather Mapping

We are pleased to announce a new tool Marcus Weather Mapping (MWM). MWM is a global web-based weather/commodity data mapping application allowing clients to create their own maps of interest, with a variety of variables, to aid in the decision making process, in the mitigation of weather based risk.

To try out the product for free or have a demonstration session with the developers, please use the contact form and send us a message. We welcome all inquiries!

• Plot maps of predefined areas, or quickly custom build your own with our pan and zoom feature
• Custom date range mapping of weather data up to 180 days
• Total precipitation, % Normal Precipitation, Precipitation Departure
• Temperatures and Departures (Average, Maximum, Minimum)
• Climatologies (Precipitation, Temperatures)
• GDDs (Corn/Soy/Wheat/Cotton)
• For energy interests plot HDDs, CDDs
• Compare forecast to prior forecasts to visualize changes using our Forecast Comparison Tool (FCT)
• Compare user selected periods for rainfall and temperature vs. prior years to visualize differences using the Yearly Comparison Tool (YCT)
• Download data into spreadsheets for further internal analysis
• Automatically request custom maps to be delivered daily to a listserv, using the automapping feature

Satellite Imagery, Including: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Vegetation Health Index (VHI), Thermal Condition Index (TCI) and Moisture Condition Index (VCI). Soil Moisture (surface and rootzone), Soil Temperature (Surface, 10cm and 20cm depth), % of normal and departure from normal for all Indexes and moistures/temperatures. Super high resolution Total Precipitation Observations (1, 3, 7, 15 and 30 day totals).  Map Satellite Images for both preset AND user defined mapping areas!

Satellite Imagery Comparison Tool (SICT) – Compare any satellite image to another from a different time period, assessing change between the two satellite images. The SICT comes in two presentation modes, color change and Improve/Deteriorate View

There are three levels of subscription. Individual, Corporate (multi-license) and Enterprise (multi-license plus access to other value add products). See our Shop page for more details and a 15 day free trial on all subscriptions!

Check out this map built AND downloaded (self contained .html) from the application. We encourage all subscribers to use maps from the application in their own reports/newsletters with accreditation. OR check out this animation of the 15 day forecast for Average Temperature Departure (f) for the United States