Testimonials and Clients


“Marcus Weather service is in a word “superlative”. Their insight is intelligent and timely especially for trading commodities.”

Jeff Goldstein – Black River Asset Management

” Marcus Weather uniquely and quantitatively combines past weather, forecast weather, and (importantly) a deep knowledge of plant agronomics in developing their forecasts for crop yields. Their models link weather to yield in a way that is both differentiating and easy to follow.”

Ag Trader with over 25 years of trading experience. Client of Marcus Weather for the past 7 years

“Your service continues to earn its spot in our research services.”

Paul Hughes, Commodity Research Director – Nestle. Client for Marcus weather for the past 8 years.

Marcus Weather provides services to a select group of commodity hedge funds and food processors.

Examples of current and former clients:

Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Perdue Farms, Ridgefield Capital, Black River Asset Management, Haar Capital and many more…